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“No new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace.”

—   HP Lovecraft, Ex Oblivione
Devil’s Hole, Pennsylvania

"Vast are the stones which sleep beneath coverlets of dank moss, and mighty were the walls from which they fell. For all time did their builders erect them, and in sooth they yet serve nobly, for beneath them the grey toad makes his habitation". -HP Lovecraft, Memory
Biking through the Sideling Hill Tunnel on the abandoned PA turnpike…notice the icicles in the distance…
old abandoned concrete pool..nature is taking over..Berks County, Pennsyvania
Creepy abandoned church in north central Pennsylvania

"Desolation and decay hung like a pall above the place, and in the birdless eaves and black, ivyless walls Blake felt a touch of the dimly sinister beyond his power to define." -HP Lovecraft, The Haunter of the Dark
"I left Howard sitting at my desk in the study, with the kitten curled up happily in his lap. The kitten, a part-Angora, was an unusually independent, self-centered, cold- blooded member of his tribe, but had yielded to Howard’s blandishments in spite of the fact that it had been referred to as "a member of the Felidae." 

About half past six in the morning, before going down to breakfast, I poked my head in the study door. There sat Howard, in the same pose in which I had left him six hours before, eyes heavy but head unbowed, with the kitty apparently unmoved.

"Good Lord!" I exclaimed, "haven’t you been to bed?" 
“No,” said Howard, “I didn’t want to disturb kitty.”

- W. Paul Cook, In Memoriam: Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Name the ancient god…located by a travel agency in Delaware.

Name the ancient god…located by a travel agency in Delaware.